Judo pin escapes

Does anyone know of any pin escape instructionals, videos, DVDS, or books, that deal with pin escapes in a Judo context?

I know of some pin escape videos made from a BJJ perspective, but in BJJ there is no fear of you losing the match by being pinned for 25 seconds, whereas in Judo there is, so I'd like to know if anyone knows of any such videos that deal with the topic while taking into account that one does not have all day to wait for something to open up as one may have in BJJ.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Michael Jen (aka BOLO) has an excellent series about escaping and pin preventions. The mount is not covered, as that is a seperate set. UPE is a little pricey, but you will learn a LOT. Plus, I think he is even having a sale. I wish mine were on dvd and not bulkly vhs (dvd vs. vhs is dvd by tap-out in under a minute). Roy Harris also sells BJJ 101 which is not as long nor as comprehensive, but provides a great foundation for escaping, including the mount (escaping is what the dvd is all about); and BJJ 101 is much less. Either way you can't go wrong. Hope this helps.