judo schools in east bay area

I hope this has not been asked recently but was wondering if any judo/sambo clubs in the east bay area that trains adults. I checked east bay judos schedule on website and could probably only consistently make it to the advanced classes unless they offer private instruction, thanks.

San Francisco east bay? LA east bay? Bangladesh east bay? jk. The forum has members from all over the place so I am sure we can find a place for you but where exactly bud?

Bangladizzle reprezizzle. EAST SIIIIDE!

sorry about that california near san francisco, thanks

There are a few judo clubs over there but East Bay Judo is your best bet. If you can make it over to San Bruno, Cahills has an awesome adult class if you like to randori. No one really teaches privates in Judo though.

thanks john serbin I will check them out. If you see a fat guy with glasses that is most likely me :)

If you are near Hayward, come by Chabot College. Mondays and wednesdays, 6-8:30 pm