Judo tough on the knees...?

hey guys,

do you find judo tough on the knees, or the knee injury rates higher than other grappling arts?

particularly you older judoka, or those who have started a bit later in life. how are the knees holding up?


Baki- I have been judo judo going on 19 yrs and started when I was 42. My knees have not limited me doing judo today. I had some knee issues from judo like ligament sprains but no surgery's like ACL or meniscus issues. I am not/never was a high level competitor though I did compete in judo for 10 yrs and BJJ 8 years at the local level. Your injury potential increases when your competition level increases. Most of my fellow judokas who are national level caliber players have knee/shoulder/back issues, All of them. But they did National level competition (during their younger days) where your chances of getting injured are higher. And many of these guys have been judo for 30 yrs or more.

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Knees are my biggest worry at aqe 44.

I'm 45, almost 46. I've had 3 ACL surgeries (from most BJJ and wrestling) and I still randori. I just don't initiate a lot of attacks unless I have a very clear and safe avenue.I just do counter attacks mostly. It helps if you are a little higher skilled than your most of opponents. Also, the guys who are higher skilled than you throw you so fast and clean, you don't feel a thing or get hurt.

Although it sounds weird, being thrown by a highly skilled grappler can be a pleasure. It can feel as simply as doing a forward roll.

On the other hand getting thrown by a newbie can have you landing in all sort of weird positions. Most of the niggles i've had have come from low level trips and throws by guys who's technique wasn't right.