Judo Video Games?

wasn't there a thread on here a year or so ago about the development of a judo video game? Does anyone know where I could get it and for what game system, etc.? Thanks!

David Douillet's judo for PS2 and PC. It's a bit monotonous at first because you have the same scenary for regional tournaments and you don't alternate judogis between matches. But the games itself is a good educational tool. It shows how to perfom each gokyo throw and you have to hit the hand, hip and leg buttons in a sequence . Example ashiwaza you hit the hand and leg buttons.

The game is aimed for judokas only and I woulnd't pay more then 10 bucks for it. But if your planning to buy the game for you kids there not goin to like it .

Hope this helps,


cool, do you know where I can buy it from?

Try here