Judo Women Rock

Title says it all. Over 60 different throws, and some submissions, from the best female judoka on the planet. All judokas names are listed at the end of the highlight.  



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Just as fun to watch as the men. I think the difference is the quality from top tp bottom IJF rankings the men have more competition.  The top women are amazing to watch.    

I particularly like Rafaela's uchi-mata sukashi at the 4:25 mark. Great adjustment on her part after sliding across the mat like ice. I also like Edwige Gwend's ouchi gari at the 50 second mark because it comes on so fast and drops her opponent like a sack of potatoes. And there's no way you're getting out of that Daria Bilodid sankaku. Funny thing is that's Mongolia's Munkhbat she's pinning who wins many of her own matches with sankaku.

Nice vid

Wow, very nice video ... thanks for sharing....