Julian Marquez "I'm f--ing Sam Alvey up"


Smilin’ Sam is awesome.

That choke was amazing! Alvey out cold - damn! So brutal and beautiful

That was a fun fight. Since Alvey is pretty much 100% counter striker, you have to draw him into a fireworks show, but when he does, he swings for the fences and can turn your lights out. Don’t let the smiling shit fool you. Fun fight, and a fight Marquez was obligated to win if he wants to move up in the division against a tough gatekeeper.

Really enjoyed this fight. I have a ton of respect for guys like Alvey. Not always the most technical, don’t look for beauty, but balls and toughness like few other humans. Julian is growing on me quickly.

This sport is like no other I just respect it so much, as well as respect the fighters out there.

I’m almost 50, started Muay Thai. I’m banged up this Sunday morning from fights on Friday night. I’m sore, bruised, limping. I have a smile from ear to ear, and it’s all because I went against KILLERS on Friday night and I survived.

Lot of you guys read this form but don’t train. Go train. Just go take a class. Muay Thai bjj, don’t matter. There is place for everyone in the sport.

Is this the same guy that got cocky with Miley Cyrus and blew his shot?