Julianna Pena vs Cris Cyborg

Julianna Pena did the unthinkable she beat what many people thought and still think was the goat. Pena confident in her approach and extremely calculated was able to take the shots of the great Nunes. She took her shots and overpowered her. Pena is strong, durable and adaptable. Is Nunes going to come back stronger? Will she get the opportunity to get her rematch and headline Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes 2? We will see.

Cris Cyborg was known as the great one way before Amanda Nunes and her legendary reign as double champ. Cyborg was the Strikeforce featherweight champ before UFC let women in. When UFC was a men’s only league.

Pena beat Nunes she made a statement. Recently she called Ronda Rousey out of retirement but Ronda is not responding. She’s happy on her ranch. There is one woman who I do not hear Pena calling out the great Cris Cyborg.

Cris Cyborg is ready for anything and she has been very vocal that she wants to fight Amanda Nunes again, Cyborg has become very outspoken and when she wants something she is not afraid to say it. The rematch between Cyborg and Nunes has never happened but you can not ignore Cyborg, not only is she great she is the current Bellator MMA champion of the world. A champion that has defended her title three times defeating Blencowe, Smith, and Kavanagh. Cyborg shows no signs of slowing down, she wants to defend her Bellator featherweight title but is also open to other things.

What type of things?

Anything Cyborg wants to try boxing or fight Cat Zingano but she would also most likely be into a fight with Pena. Most likely we will see Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes 2 and Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano next. If that is so, Cris Cyborg will be facing the last women who beat Nunes before Pena did it.

Cat Zingano beat Amanda Nunes and so did Pena. Julianna Pena lost to Valentina Shevchenko but she Nunes beat Shevchenko twice. MMA math certainly does not work. The best thing the matchmakers can do is put the best against the best. Julianna Pena vs Cris Cyborg would be one of the best fights possible and one of the best fights for Pena. It’s too bad we most likely will not see it, it is sad but if we could who do you think would win the fight, Cyborg or Pena?

Paulie G

Surely by now you should know it’s Cyborg who likes to call out girls who are signed to other promotions.