Juliano Prado?

Any info on the gentleman? I am checking out No Limits Gym and he is the BJJ Instructer. Anyone have any info good or bad on the gentleman? Thanks in advance.

Thanks. Just trying to doresearch for a good legit school/teacher to train at.

Juliano is a very good instructor. He is technical, articulate, and skilled with or without the gi. I have learned some good stuff from him.

I started training with Juliano early on in my Jiu-Jitsu career. I received my promotions to Blue, Brown, and Black belt from him. He is an awesome instructor who doesn't hold anything back from his students. He's equally skilled with or without the Gi, but believes in the importance of training both equally. You are lucky to have him in your area!



Juliano is real good, good no gi and MMA stuff as well

It seems like the guys from Lotus Jiu-Jitsu get overlooked sometimes because they dont have as big of a presence in the US as Gracie Barra, Machado's, BTT etc. But all of the Lotus guys I have seen looked very good

What is GWC?

Hotspar definitely come down to No Limits and check it out. Its a really good school. Juliano is awesome and all the Lotus Club guys from Brazil are coming down this week for the Pan Ams.

If you come in, make sure u say whats up!


GWC = Golden West College

I was there yesterday ( Weds) at No Limits at noon till 2. I like it and I signed up so I will be there as much as possible. Next week will be sketchy b/c of the day job (Active Duty Marine Corps) but I'll be on leave (vacation) after Easter from the 17th-28th of April so I'm going to try and hit the afternoon classes and the evening. All you have to do is look for the new Asian guy that is lost in the sauce and tapping like all the time.


Cool Kirk. Im there at night time nogi 7pm.

Ill make sure to look for u:)

Won't be there tonight or tomorrow b/c of Marine Corps comittments but hopefully Saturday though. I will be there after the 16th b/c I will be on vacation in the area so I will be going at noon and hopefully evenings as well.

I havent seen u in there

I have had some work issues and some other things going on I hope to get there ASAP so I can get my butt handed to me and learn.