Julie Kedzie wins HnS 8-Woman !!

Julie Kedzie fought and won, not 1, not 2, but 3 MMA fights tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie competed in the Hook'N'Shoot 8-Woman 135lbs. Title Tournament and won the whole damn thing!!!!!!!!
She beat her first opponent easily.(Keylock from mount after smashing her face a lot).

Her next opponent was a super tough Jan Finney (Arnold/Gracie World BJJ Champion). Jan KO'd her first opponent, fast.
This was a pretty tough fight, but Julie won via unanimous decision!

Julie met Molly Helsel(NAGA 2002,2003, & 2004 No-GI Champion)in the final. Molly had submitted her first 2 opponents.
The fight was close and went all 3 rounds. After the 3rd round we didn't really know which way the judges were going. It was a close fight. I thought that Julie had won, but I am also bias.

It was a split decision in Julie's favor!!!!!!!!!

Julie made everyone extremely proud tonight. I am just so pleased with her performance and with her progress as a fighter.

She won a freaking 8-woman MMA tournament!!! That is amazing!! It was a great night and Julie deserves this win more than just about anyone. She is constantly in the Academy or at the Gym motivating everyone around her to train harder.
We should all be very proud to call her a team-mate!
Good job Jules!!!!!!

James Clingerman


Congrats to Kedzie!

ttt for Jules!!!

Can you give a break-down of the entire show?



oh, man. From memory.

Julie Kedzie vs Missy Karr- Kedzie Keylock

Jan Finney vs Mystee Blackwood- Finney KO

Kellyn Heuhn vs. Lisa Ward - Ward via arm-in guillotine

Kellyn Heuhn (came back to replace Tonya Vlahac who was injured) vs Molly Helsel- Molly via ??? can't remember

Kedzie vs. Finney- Kedzie via Un.dec.

Helsel vs. Ward- Helsel via Triangle choke

Kedzie vs. Helsel- Kedzie via Split decision


Congrats to Julie and your whole crew. We at JKDU are
extremely proud of Molly's performance. She has shown
why she deserves to be at the top of the MMA fight
game. Great job Molly, thanks to HnS, and congrats to
all the women who fought. Aloha!

Awesome! Congrats Julie!!!!

Congrats Jules.  That is righteous.   



I am so happy right now :)

Let me please extend all the respect in the world to Molly Helsel, who entered the tourney on short notice and fought so freakin' hard and beautifully. I would NOT have disputed the desicion going to her, as the fight was so tough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Molly. You are a class act.

Thanks also to James Clingerman, Matt Stratta and the Indiana Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy. I love you guys!!!!


Congratulations Julie and your last post shows you are also have a lot of class and the right attitude for a champ!

As Burton said we are extremely proud of Molly!!! Told you you could do it girl!!!


Congrats, Julie! Nothing like 2 female "JKD" fighters battling it out!

un believeable performance!  Congrats Julie!!


I train with Jan Finney, and she is not a Gracie Worlds BJJ Champion. She just has a team of studs to help her train!
Congrats to Julie Kedzie!

congrats. She has a good teacher;)

Pics or vid???


ttt For one bad ass fighter! Congrats Jules!

CONGRATS! winning 3 X in one night is something only a few men have even done! That is amazing!!