Julio César Chávez Jr vs Darren Till added to Tyson vs Paul

:boxing_glove: Announced: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will face Darren Till in a 190lbs catchweight clash on the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson undercard, July 20th in Texas. Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano rematch and Ashton Sylve vs Floyd Schofield also on the card.

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this is a disaster for Till fans. Surely this guy will see everything Darren has to offer a mile away, completely work him out and do him over.

absolute nightmare. at 38, the pro boxer guy will still have enough reflexes to make a strong mma guy and boxing caveman look very slow and predictable.

hope it’s not true, i really want Till to do extremely well in fighting and be respected. savage that he had to fight an unheralded future champ in his last ufc fight (DDP)

check out the pic is this article, throwing his best punch with his defending hand below his belly button

I actually might make Till the favorite. The only thing JCC Jr inherited from his father was his iron chin.

If he gets pieced up Perry gonna have a field day with him and that fight won’t make sense. I wanna see that shit next.

Till just needs to get rough on him and JCC will start to cry and quit

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75 year old Anderson Silva clowned him. And Jake Paul clowned Anderson. Till gonna smoke this fool like Dr droopy.

Fucken Mongols man.

JCC jnr is shite. Anderson hammered him and showboated.

He has nothing left but his name

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So this is why til refused the perry bkfc fight.
For this pile of crap.

Money I guess.

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The guy Anderson beat when he was 10 years past his prime? Way to go champ. Sorry, ahh champ.

I’d be delighted if you are correct

JCC jnr ain’t shit.

Till has the eye of some council rat that got fucked by whatever Brazilian favelas have.

I remember JCC jr had a fight where he lost when he should have won, and his response was, “I need to find a way to make money where i’m not getting hit in the face.” He doesn’t seem to have the fighter spirit like his father.


16 year old Jake Paul gave Tyson a hard on


Got weirder


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it’s a way of emasculating jake Paul to make him like a little girl.
He did that with Ruddock.
Either that or he’s another one of these black, down low FAGGOTS!