Jump Rope-Ways to learn for free?


I am startin to jump rope again (had a dislocated shoulder, still injured, but figure this will help it heal), and was wondering if there are any good websites for free videos or info on how to jump rope better.


Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.



You need to do a little bit of rehab work if it's still injured, jumping rope is most likely to aggravate it considering it's not healed.

You'll be able to tell right away if jumping aggravates the injury. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it.

Search jump rope on youtube, this will get you started:


go ask the little girl down the street...

Step 1: Twirl the rope in a circular motion with each hand.

Step 2: Jump.

There's the basics.

LOL, kkm made a funny. And Im serious.... that was pretty funny.

skipping rocks, hoola-hooping and pogo-jumping are always great additional vidoe pickups from school yard rehab vids.