Jumping Rope?

I was always taught to jump rope for 15-20 minutes non-stop. I noticed that all of the pros from Robinson to Ali to Roy Jones still trained that way. But now I read that we should jump rope "interval style" which I gather means go full force for three minutes, rest a few seconds, do it again, rest, etc.
Any thoughts on that?

If you're doing boxing, I'd prefer 15-20mins.

If you're doing kickboxing, I'd prefer the interval style.

Interval style doesn't necessarily mean rest. You "flurry" on the jump rope with double unders or maximum speed for a certain amount of time, then actively recover by jumping at a slower pace; akin to circling around the ring to get out of a bad spot.

ok stupid question..i cant jump rope worth crap any ideas on how to improve or different ways to learn.

Practice jumping rope for 15 minutes every day, no matter how many times you get tangled up.

Do both. There is no law that says you can't or shouldn't do both.

Some days or some training sessions jump rope continously for 15-20 minutes and on other days or training session jump rope interval style.

my routine is 16 minutes

2 1/2 minutes - normal skipping

30 seconds - high knees (sprints)

1 minute - 75 reps on toes left foot, then 75 on the right (will get your calves strong!)

repeat x 4

any particular recommendations on good jump ropes for beginners? or is any jump rope just as good as any other?

I've got no endurance for skipping at the moment, although i have no problem with the technique, and can do cross overs quite easy. But how in the hell people do double unders is still a minor mystery of life to me, lol.