jumprope in thailand MT camps

Lautaro is right........
I developed shin splints from jumping barefoot on a concrete surface. The only advantage I see is that I can stand up on the balls of my feet easier while jumping and get better calf development.
The shoes just don't allow me to push up on the balls of my feet as easily.

omg...you guys are concerned about jumping rope on concrete?

if u are going to compete,I'd be more concerned with getting a shin slammed into the side of my neck or getting a high knee to the face versus having some minor joint discomfort!


Remember that without proper training and conditioning, you will never get the chance to get in the ring and get a shin slammed into your neck, or take a high knee to the face.

Just food for thought.


Sigurity: I wouldn't advise jumping rope barefoot on a very hard surface. Yes, the thai fighters do it and so did I when I was there, but that was more a matter of necessity than choice. There's only so much space to jump rope so we usually had to jump on the concrete as a result.

We could've used sneakers and some did on occasion, but it isn't that common. Why? Good question. Maybe because almost no one else does it. For me, I just wanted to feel like I was training like the thais by going barefoot, but I otherwise use sneakers 95% of the time.

Thai fighters are not always blessed with the best equipment, training methodology, diet or rest habits. They do the best they can with what they have. They put their bodies through tremendous hardships and usually retire in their early 20's. The fighters I trained with looked like someone attacked their shins with a machete. Yes, they were all tough as nails but at what cost to their body?

My point is, we have much we can learn from the thais regarding muay thai and training methods, but we mustn't ignore the advancements made in sports medicine and physiology. We mustn't blindly take it for granted that the thais know best. We should incorporate all the latest developments made to become as good as we can as SAFELY as we can. In this way, we can continue to improve as we get older instead of suffering from chronic aches, pains, injuries, etc.

My goal is to be competitive till I'm 50 (I'm 28 now). I don't know how successful I'll be, but I do know I have to listen to my body and train as sensibly as I know how to. That includes taking care that I don't put too much stress on my legs by jumping rope on very hard surfaces. Hope that helps.


I've seen both.

for those of you who have trained in thailand:

are the thaiboxers barefoot on concrete when they jump-rope? ...or do they wear sneakers?

"I've seen both."



thanks guys. i've been jump roping barefoot on a very hard surface... just concerned about what my knees will be like in the future!

We jumped both, I learnt to jump with bare feet.

Nice one Yuki :).

Skirt, I agree that I too would be more concerned about getting smashed in competition (it's already happened to me). I'm not disputing this. My point is, why train in a knowlingly harmful manner when you know there's a safer alternative? That was the whole point of my post. Thanks for the input though.