June 17 - NSW State Champs

The NSW BJJ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2007 will be held on Sunday, June 17 from 9am to 4pm at sydney University Sports & Auquatic Centre.

All BJJ belt, weight and age divisions.

Kids, Adults, Masters and Seniors.

Male and female.

Entry forms and waivers available from May 7 at www.nswbjj.com.au

The best prizes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu comps in Australia.

Sponsored by:

Keiko Raca Kimonos, Quiksilver, Bad Boy Power Drink, Amazon Power Acai, Gracie seminars.



can pwninator enter?

I guess I better start training then :)

I guess I better start training then :)

Will you be doing another exabition street fight at this one?
Seemed to work well last time :)

Next time, someone have a video camera ready please..

Come on still no entry forms, maybe they meant may 7 2008?

Where are you looking, I just checked and its on the site


i looked on nswbjj.com.au site as per the OP insructions

Feel the love in here.

That is the address I keep getting when I go to http://www.gracieseminars.com/NSWBJJFederation/downloads/2007/ NSWBJJFederation1stleg2007.doc

Can someone Email the form to me at anthonylange@hotmail.com

A. Lange

which link is best for knowing weight categories/divisions???

The nswbjj.com.au website is ok to download entry forms and waivers for the June 17 NSW State comp and also to check(and download) the IFJJ Rules.


Yes this time it worked .

"... from 9am to 4pm."

Have you found a magic way for a jiu-jitsu competition not to run on "jiu-jitsu time"? If not, expect the last match to finish just before the morning's first bird song :)

Would this comp b alrite for someone who hasn't competed in yonks??

does anyone have a copy of the entry form/waiver they can email me? It seems that the nswbjj website is down again and i need to send it by tomorrow.