June 22 MMA in MI whose going????

A group of the MI UGers are looking for 10 people that are going to the fights at the Palace on June 22.  We can get a front row table that seats 10 people for $75 a person.  If anyone is interested please post here and pro-mail me your phone number so I can confirm and arrange payment.  I can buy all the tickets and everyone can pay me.  I think so far 3 seats are spoken for.  Who else can go?



Many thanks to Fathead D for coordinating this for us. Should be a great time for those that can make it.

thats the week after kotc, i may be game. I live pretty close to the Palace.


I may be in for four tickets. I'll know here in a couple hours.



I will buy the tickets tomorrow so far I have 6 people with 2 maybes.  Who else is in?

Hope it doesnt get cancelled like the last one at the palace.

Good luck

me too


FYI. 2 weeks out and they're still listing it on:



Wish I could join you guys!!! But $75 is just too much for me... I'm just a poor college kid from Pontiac who can barely pay his gym fees :( Front row sounds sweet though, have fun!! I'll be in the back prolly...

How much are regular tickets, does anyone know?

$25, $35 and $75. I'm not sure how many of each they have though.

Not as of 06/05/2007, hence the excitement.

yes MMA was legalized in MI this week


They are taking the steps to get it sanctioned.  This show at the palace will be an amateur event.  They also had one at Cobo and sold 110 tickets.  Until there are sanctions, mandatory medicals, and weight classes these shows are bad for MMA in Michigan.  Yeah thats right weight classes the main event from the Cobo show was a 145lber vs. 330lber

 "A state House committee heard testimony Tuesday on legislation aimed at expanding state law covering boxing to include contests sponsored by the Ultimate Fighting Championship or other mixed martial arts organizations."

 Link to article