Jungle Fight 2 Results?

Anyone know what time this event starts?


By the way....kick some ass, Assuerio!

Tanner Rhoden



About 8:00pm cali time they are three hours ahead of us. It should start on time because it is ppv in Brazil and Japan. They are starting at 11:00pm so people in Japan can watch live. It seems a little late to me, but whatever. Good luck to Buck Greer from NG!

Greer is fighting Macaco, right?

No I think they switched to another from Chute Box, At least thats what I heard. Because Macaco is fight in bushido so he said he wouldnt be ready. Either way I guess the guy is 4-1 and they said he looks pretty tough(he is from chute box) but I have faith in Buck, hes a bad mofo!

The vent will be starting in about three hours.Here goes the complete card:

JUNGLE FIGHT 2 Date: May 15th, 2004 Studio 5 Centro de Convencoes in Manaus, AMAZONAS

Full Card (Subject To Change): Travis 'Diesel' Wiuff (USA) x Leopoldo Montenegro (Brazil Dojo)

Assuério Silva (Muay Thai Dream Team) x Fabiano 'Pega-Leve' Scherer (BTT)

Ronaldo 'Jacare' (Brazil Dojo) x Victor Babkir (Russia)

Carlos Barreto (BTT) x Bob Hoffman (BullPen)

Katsuyori Shibata (Japan) x Ice Man (USA)

Fabricio Verdum (Winner-Behring) x Ebenezer Braga(Boxe Thai/RVT)

Daniel Acacio (ChuteBoxe) x Buck Greer (Next Generation)

Adriano Martins (Gracie) x Boris Jonstomp (France)

Fredson Paixao (Gracie Barra Combat Team) x Rani Yahira (Ataide Jr)

Charlie Brown (Academia Ajuricaba) x Gabriel 'Napao' Gonzaga (Macaco Gold Team)

Looks like a nice card.

There was a news story about a plane crash in Manaus this morning, was worried about the jungle fighters.

1 hour and 2 minute until the first fight

keep this to the top...


NIce to see Charlie Brown fighting. He must finally gotten away from the shadow of that bully Lucy.

any paltalk, or internet audio, streaming video...anything for this??

Good luck to Buck Greer!!




ttmft for results!


- Travis Wiuff (USA) won over Leopoldo Montenegro (Brazil Dojo) by KO - 1st round;

- Assuério Silva (Muay Thai Dream Team) won over Fabiano "Pega-Leve" Scherer (BTT) by guilhotine in the 2º round;

- Ronaldo "Jacaré" (Brazil Dojo) won over Victor Babkir (Russia) by punches from the mount - 1º round;

- Carlão Barreto (BTT) won over Bob Hoffman (BullPen) by punches from the mount - 2º round-

- Katsuyori Shibata (Japão) won over Ice Man (USA) with a katagatame no 1º round;

- Fabrício Werdum (Winner-Behring) won over Ebenezer Braga (RVT\Boxe Thai) by KO in 2º round;

- Daniel Acácio (Chute Boxe) won over Buck Greer (Next Generation) by KO no 2º round;

- Boris Jonstomp (França) won over Adriano Martins (Gracie) by points;

- Fredson Paixão (Gracie Barra Combat Team) won over Rani Yahria (Ataide Jr) by points;

- Gabriel "Napão" (Macaco Gold Team) won over Charlie Brown (Academia Ajuricaba) by desitance 3º round;