Just back from Fairtex Thailand

Well Kyle Noke and I are back from training with Fairtex in Thailand. We had a great time and were lucky enough to train with Fairtex's top trainers for the duration of our stay. My main trainer was the Thai legend Apidej Sit-Hurin 340 wins/10 losses/1 draw. The Fairtex team is more like a family than a fight team and made us feel very much part of it. We are both very grateful to be given the opportunity to train in Thailand with Fairtex and look forward to furthering the friendship between Fairtex and Australias Integrated Martial Arts Team. I thoroughly recommend anyone that enjoys Muay Thai training and or fighting to contact Fairtex on their webpage for details.

Tony Green
Integrated Martial Arts Australia

You are a lucky bastard

Im hoping to go to Thailand one day to train for a month or so. Could you give us some indication as to costs(traning, living, going out) and stuff?

And WestsideStrangler is correct - lucky bastard!

What's the Thailand contact info??