Just can't help not liking GSP

i can't help not liking anyone who doesn't like GSP.

And people hate Americans because of their freedom...

Know the guy, trained with him, a very find individual. Thankfully I am brown and never have to fake tan.

Besides the tighty shorts , spray tan, you're all jealous of him for a couple of reasons

1. He is more of a mma artist than you will ever be.

2. He Is at a after party in Vegas right now having any bitch in the club he wants and your sitting at home hating, and is the w.w. ufc  interm champ.

LoL, the jealousy runs strong with this one.

"I love how people say canadian and speaks french like its a bad thing. I'm a midwestern dude and i have no problem with canadians. He's bilingual which means he speaks two more languages than a lot of guys on this forum. Baroni fake tans. A ton of fighters do. Big deal. They are entertainers, so he wants to look good."

It's not so much that he's Canadian, but rather that he's French Canadian and the fact that the French hate America and Americans.

Do you think GSP or anybody else for that matter really cares?

"He's canadian, speaks french, wears homo spandex early mma shorts, and gets a fake tan? Despite his great fighting skills, I don't think I can like or respect this guy."

Yeah, it'd be much cooler if he were just like you, you know, not smart enough to learn a second language, pale and skinny like a Jew out of Auschwitz, and sporting some shorts his mom bought at Wal-Mart.

Wow. I'm sorry, but wow. I honestly believe you
can only dislike GSP for stupid reasons. The guy just finished
making the most dominant welterweight in the
world look like an amateur and he refused to
accept the belt he was given because he felt
like he didn't deserve it. This guy could knock out
Fedor and you still wouldn't like him. Oh, and if he's
gay then maybe some MMA fighters should
look into sucking dick for their training regimen
because he's also the most complete fighter on
the planet.

"The French" = People from France. And yes I agree, they hate Americans.

GSP is "A Canadian" who happened to be born in Quebec and was raised speaking the Canadian version of French. Which is completely different then the France version of French. And he likes American's just fine, seeing how he is a North American.

I think more fighters should take notes from GSP. He treats his job like a pro athlete ie even wears suits when giving public appearences etc.

Your problem Jason! GSP personifies class and is a phenom in our great sport!

I agree with that Dougie. Although after he won his title he got a little flamboyant, and it cost him, hopefully he stays on the right track. I liked the GSP I saw tonight, very classy, very respectful, and very professional

Troll job ?

still perplexed by thread title

how can you not like gsp??

My wife likes him a little too much, and if I walked in on her polishing his knob, there wouldn't be much I could do about it...I hate him.

J/K, can't help but like the guy.

Trolling used to be an art; now it is apparently a lost art.  Just a bad attempt here.



Evilmaster, I don't know any history of Canada so I'm gonna take an educated guess that France used to own the part called Quebec and Great Britain used to own the rest and at some point it united into 1 country. There was a public vote a few years back to make Quebec it's own separate country. I forget if it was just Quebecans voting or all of Canada. Probably the whole country. Anyway, if I remember right the vote was close. So they do really consider themselves different or better or something, so much so that they wanted to split from the rest of the country.

As for the versions of French, I suspect that they are almost identical. A Frenchman can probably talk to a Quebecan just fine. I think Quebec's public signs are in French, by the way. And St Pierre sounds like a French name but not sure.

But here's the bottom line. GSP is one of the best fighters in the world, he can beat anybody at 170 and half the guys at 185. He is a hell of a nice guy and extremely classy and humble. Reminds me of Anderson Silva a bit. Both ar every classy. By the way, I would like to see those 2 fight. Should be a good one. Anywho, GSP is great, I just hate the annoying accent. Not his fault, I'm just a nit picker.

If you're so nationalistic, give up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

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Negative, hate that french faget"

Very classy from a green name. You should be ashamed of yourself. I for one will never support you or any organization that demeans itself by letting you fight in their events.