Just got off the phone with Ram...

Just got off the phone with Rampage. Decided to give it a try and call the number that was posted and had an incredible convo with him....

I'll post later what we talked about but through talking we came up with a PHAT idea for the fans...


FOr $20.00 you get an autograph pic of Rampage but that also gets you a Raffle (sp) ticket.. IF Rampage wins his next fight against Arona and Vanderlei wins agains Kondo then Rampage and Vanderlei will rematch for the title...

We'll the winner of the raffle gets and ALL EXPENSE paid trip to see the fight and to be Rampage's water boy for the fight..

He wants to call it BE RAMPAGE'S WATER BOY FOR A DAY..
You also get to be in a DVD with him, backstage,A t-shirt and his PERSONAL cell phone number..

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS crazy but we actually talked about this..

OH yeah, Remember this is a TENTATIVE that they both win and that Rampage talks to his business peeps to get the logistics worked out..

I can't believe I just came up with this with him but we talked about it.
He gave me his email addy to do follow up..

I hope this happens guys. The whole reason it came up was I asked him if he knew of any packages that pride set up or whatnot for fans to come from the U.S and we came up with this...

He also said it's cool if people call cause that is what the line is for...

We talked about CroCop, Randleman, Vanderlei and lot's of other stuff...



LOL! If you're serious that's awesome.

I told Rampage that people wouldn't believe me but I swear it's true. But remember that both have to win their next fights and he has to get the okay from his business folks...
Then it's all good..

That guys was real down to earth on the phone but funny always cracking jokes...


I called him but only got the answering machine.

Do we get to shine his shoes too? Fucking lame.

Now it says that his mailbox is full

An all expense trip paid by him for $20.00 if you win...

How in the world is that lame...

If you don't believe me.. his number is on Sherdog.. Call him and ask him yourself...


His mailbox is full.But try if you want to.

That is awesome

That would rock being his water boy.

Rampage and Arona? when is this gonna happen?

once again yamatodamashi shows his bitterness.

Is he fighting on the same night of Silva and Kondo?

"how gay is that?!"

How insecure are some people?! you guys are just too cool for words mang

Being able to call a professional fighter and speak with him is lame and gay?

Rampage is the shit

Yamato is'nt that kinda like what Enson did?

Your comments are lame.

No. Enson invited his guest to hang out in Japan, train etc. Not to be his waterboy. I like how this has turned into an Enson thing. Too funny.

rampage is a coo guy.

lol yeah I'm sure the position of water boy will be all hard work and there will be no fun or hanging out involved at all.

Dude, the water-boy thing is a comical and humorous twist on a great prize. It totally fits Rampage's personality to be apart of such an idea. It is great!! There is no disrespect involved in it.

Remember when Rampage gave Igor a note when the ref was explaining the rules to them. The note was from Rampage's mother asking Igor not to hit Rampage too hard. And then Rampage went on to crush Igor in that fight!! The guy is hilarious. He is great!!!

TTT for the idea, and how do I play?