Just got the smackdown from Zuffa...

Just got an email from my employer's ISP on behalf of Zuffa warning me of downloading illegal files (UFC 84 torrent). I purchased the PPV at home on Saturday and d/l it on Monday morning. Almost got fired over that shiat. Thanks a lot Zuffa!


 zuffa is watching torrentsites?


A criminal who thinks he is the victim. Sad........

Golden Boy - A criminal who thinks he is the victim. Sad........

I know I shouldn't have done it. I don't think I am the victim. It just sucks getting caught :)

inf0 -

lol @ dling it from work.. are you new?

I work in the IT dept. I just had to report myself so our IP addresses didn't get blocked.

(Lunch is over, back to work).

Interesting. Good lookin out with the heads up, too.

Pink Flamingo - LOL

EliteXC will never threaten a fan like that greedy Zuffa.

There whole CBS event was free and all the fights are on Youtube now.

Now heres the deal, you can have this nice greasy shit sandwich for free whenever you like, or, you can try and steal this Ruths Chris baseball steak over here but you take a risk.

Which do you prefer, you with the shit moustache there Flamingo?

 How does Zuffa know who is downloading torrents?


great screenname.

Yeah IT guys are just glorified slackers who happened to learn the intricacies of computing. Can't knock em though, they get paid good money and they do a good job of hiding out in little rooms and convincing people who don't know jack about computers that they do a lot of work. "Hmmmm let me see here, just give me 10 minutes"... Shuts down computer and turns it back on. Employee returns to desk...... "All fixed, carry on".

lol @ Flamingo's shit stache.

 great thread...lol

Not the first time I heard someone bitch about the same thing..

Does this sound like bullshit to anyone else? What tracker are you using?

I'm very curious which tracker this is...if I got a warning from Zuffa about downloading torrents I'd laugh.

 public or private tracker?

lolz @ downloading torrents at work!

WTF who is going to block your IP?