Just in case anyone cares...

B_Goetz - What a pessimistic thread title. I already read that article...because I care!

 Exactly! Rory... don't sell yourself short=)


 Good to see you back fighting man.

hey rory

thanks for sharing the interview with us. good luck and i'll be rooting for you.

i hope see again at jerry's when you and adam come back into town.



I read it, good stuff

ttTo one that deserves it!

ttt for rory. good luck in the fight!

 good luck Rory. Can't wait to see you back in the cage

no one cares...

(you are the worst fighter ever)


wow what an ignorant douche!



TTT Singer

OUTSTANDING! Rare find a great coach that can make fighters and find the time to train himself.


ttt for Rory...good luck!

The Fight Farm guys will be rooting for ya!


SGTTKO - no one cares...

(you are the worst fighter ever)

Unless this is a buddy of Rory's having a joke, someone ban this prick.

I appreciate all the words of encouragement. I pay no mind to the haters. I know I'm not the best fighter but I'm certain that I'm not the worst fighter ever. Whatever. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to see the fight. It should be a good one.


Good luck Rory

TTT for Rory!