Just rewatched Fedor vs Goodridge

Talk about a brutal beating! Big Daddy can take a shot.

It was the most lethal Fedor was in standup mode. That guy hits haaaadd, left or right, he bombs away pretty accurately.

Yes, I know he can be beat, and IMO him being a bit small for HW will hinder him, but as there ever been a more complete fighter?

Great work ethic and drive, balance, power, subs, G'n'P, game plan, you name it, he has it all.

Randleman is bigger than Fedor?

He is #1. What I'm saying is that he is small for a HW, and talented guys with a clear weight and height edge will be challenging to him.

BArnett, Mir, just to name these two. His bro in 2-3 years. IMO Fedor could cut to 215 and fight at 205 if he chose to. In this fight against Goodridge he was thinner than he is now.

In his first with Mino and Herring, we saw just how brutal his G'n'P can be. We saw very quick subs in other fights, and good standup with POWER againts Big Daddy and Fujita. Who else has stunned Fujita like that? His balance and intelligence is top notch too.

Talented guys will always be challenging to anybody, that's why we say they're talented. Talented guys with weight and/or height advantages will obviously be more challenging.

Fedor would finish Barnett and Mir in the first round, I think. He's too fast, too powerful, too knowledgable at subs, too aggressive, and too good a wrestler for either of those guys to handle.