Just rewatched O'Malley vs Yan

That fight was super close, I could have seen it go other way. Yan for sure didn’t get robbed.

I think the biggest takeaway is that O’Malley is legitimate. Whether or not you like is not, he stood in there, had the better of the striking and didn’t look out of place on the ground. He is evolving and becoming a more dangerous fighter.


Fight was much closer then this board made it out to be.


Bunch of Yan dick riders.


Yep, classic case of the UG crying robbery when there wasn’t one


100% agree. Could have easily went either way


I still havent seen the fight, but it’s a hell of a lot more than the ug.


Sean was competitive and used his reach advantage well. I dont think the fight was a shogun vs mchida style “robbery”, but yan deserved the victory. He came much closer to finishing, had over 5 minutes of control time, pushed the pace / octagon control and won rds 1 and 2 convincingly by most viewers standards. The fact that sean clearly didnt believe he won the fight and was shocked at the decision pretty much says it all.


Hot take bro

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Classic case of the UG, about 30 pro fighters/ex champions/current Champions and over a dozen media outlets crying in unison.


30-27. Not a single media person had Omalley winning. He fought hard… looked good. but lost 3 rounds in that fight.


Round 1 Yan lands more total strikes and a take down

Round 2 Yan lands more total strikes, more significant strikes, and 3 takedowns


It’s crazy that even UG has noisemakers out in force.

For those of you who claim to believe that the scoring was correct (or at least 2/3rds of it), which round, if any, did you give Yan, and why? If no rounds, feel free to elaborate on that, too. Love to believe this forum isn’t being inundated with shills. Someone make a sincere case for at least two rounds (or even a single 10-7, or better, round) for Sean.

I scored all three rounds 10-3 for O’Malley

30-9 Unanimous decision


I rewatched with no sound… Yan won 30-27


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Yeah Marion, because the media is such a trusted source these days….

CNN and MSNBC didn’t score the fights, so…

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It definitely looked like Yan won based on ground control and that’s because the ground control is easier to calculate as opposed to the strikes, where O’Malley won. Yan did not do much on the ground and it seems the judges noticed.

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At best Sean won first round, in the end of it got taken down?
Second round literally got knocked any sense out of him, taken down, throw five jabs?
Third round throw few jabs, got taken down and stayed there

There was last exchange there Yan was slightly touching him and Sean was every time reacting like with slightly paralyzed face, i think we were very close to knocked the fuk out cold moment

Aand while giving interview you can see clearly dog was out but on his feet, reminded me Jds didnt knew what round what happened

Biggest takeaway, and ive been saying it, is that o’malley is really fucking good. Skip all his youtube, podcast, twitch, whatever shit and look at only the fighter. Hes good, and he just proved hes tough as fuck. His other bullshit has made him tons of money so hes also smart.

I dont know how im not seeing this be said, he got away w some really realllly bad fence grabs and glove grabs. Id have to rewatch, but im talking shit that helped him get back to his feet instead of being take right back down