Just rewatched Shields/Maia


Round 1, Demian presses for a takedown, gets it, but does little with top position. He does manage to get Jake's back, but never throws any punches or attempts a submission, and Jake reverses Demian, and immediately passes to half guard.  Jake remains in top position until the end of the round.

Rd 1 clearly goes to Jake. Neither fighter's ground n pound did much, but Jake appeared to throw/land more, as well as Jake was on top of Demian the majority of the round.


Rd 2-Demian tries to take Jake down again, Jake uses defensive wrestling and ends up oil checking Demian and then taking him down in the first minute. Demian gets back to guard from half guard. Demian uses lots of energy trying to get back to his feet or sweep Jake, Jake blocks every attempt, tiring Demian out in the process. Jake now on top for 2 minutes and passes to half guard top, briefly looking for a kimura. Half a minute later Demian gets back to full guard, still on the bottom though this whole time. Jake passes to half guard again, Demian immediately gets full guard. Next minute is both fighters battling for guard/half guard, Jake gets half guard top position about a minute later.  

Rd 2-obviously goes to Jake


Rd 3-Both fighters feel each other out on the feet, about 75 seconds in Demian comes forward with a nice 2 punch combo that connects, not much power but much needed for Demian. Demian used those punches to get in tight against Jake, pushing jake against the cage. Demian then tries to throw Jake, but Jake defends beautifully and steps over Demian, they battle for position and Demian gets out from a brief N/S position back to his feet. Demian comes forward again with a 1,2 combo and again a 1,2 combo, now Jake is back against the fence.  Demian gets Jake's back standing, then drags Jake down and has Jake's back on the ground. 2:45 remaining, Jake reverses Demian beautifully, and is now in top position in Demian's guard. 2:36 remaining. 2:30 Jake is now in half guard top.  Jake lands very few shots from top, nothing too damaging or scoring. Jake does ridethe rest of the round in top, basically being in top position for just over half the round.

This round, the 2nd time seeing it, I actually have it a draw or slight edge to Maia despite being on his back more of the round, the stand up striking was just a little more damaging than the elbows and ground n pound of Jake.


Rd 4-1st minute just feeling out, Maia presses Jake against the cage, gets double underhooks, cannot take Jake down though, Jake gets an underhook, now he's trying to take Demian down. Jake has Demian against the cage, both have an underhook, Jake throws a powerless knee, referee intervenes and separates.

Shields tries to go for a takedown, fails, nice defense from Maia. Shields looks tired, Maia kicks him with a kick to the body, Shields catches it and tries to take him down. Maia sprawls and ends up in top position in Jakes guard at the 2 minute mark.

Referee warning fighters to be active for about 45 seconds, then with 56 seconds left stands the fighters up as Maia was in Shields' guard just doing powerless punches to Jakes side.  Fighters do nothing but breath heavy and swat flies till the round ends. 

Very lackluster round, I score it a draw


Rd 5-Shields starts out immediatly mixing up punches and kicks the first 20 seconds before Maia has an opening to throw, which Jake dodges.  Maia throwing a hard 1,2 combo that Jake distances himself away from. 1st minute is Shields getting the better of the stand up, 1 minute in Shields tries to takedown Maia, Maia defends, fighters back to their feet.  Shields goes for another takedown, has Demian against the fence with 3 minutes left. Maia in defense mode all round thus far.  Maia briefly has double underhooks on Jake against the fence, Jake gets an underhook and then separates from Maia.  Shields throwing lots of kicks, many to the head of Maia, none landing flush, Maia blocking most of them, but not scoring points being defensive.  1min 20seconds Jake goes for another double, almost gets it, has Maia against the fence.  Maia trying to defend the takedown by using a kimura, 22 seconds left referee separates. Maia lands 2 lefts before the round is over.

Rd 5 goes to Jake.

I give Jake 3 rounds Maia 1, and 1 round a draw.


The facts of this fight-Jake Shields had more passes, more escapes, and was on top more, and had more rounds where he was on top majority of the round.


I'm cool with a draw, but how anyone can say Maia won, is beyond me.


Seems like Jake's gameplan was to keep it standing, and Maia's gameplan was to take Jake down. It seemed Maia had zero answers after Jake defended takedowns or reversed Maia and stayed on top. In a grueling fight like this your power is zapped. Being that both guys aren't known to have power in the first place, this was a fight all about positioning in which Jake showed he was dominant in this area.



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I agree, Jake definitely won.

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