just saw anderson vs maia

so get this. if you want to be an elite mixed martial artist, watch anderson silva demonstrate hand to hand combat techniques in this fight. practice his footwork, practice his hand movements, notice his balance. by doing this, you will become a much better fighter.

and your douchbaggery

 IMO this fight showed a lot of flaws in Anderson's game.  We have seen fighters control him in the past (Hendo) but then they all get caught.

UFC112 showed that Anderson couldn't handle his emotions for 12 minutes and gassed out because of it.  I believe this fight could be the blueprint on how to defeat Anderson if you just take Maia out of the picture.  He made many mistakes the entire fight where other guys would have capitalized.  I feel that he won't make the same mistakes twice but this fight was 25 minutes of tape that fighters can study.... as you said you did.