Just saw Inoki BBY - Review...

I FINALLY got a hold of Inoki Bom Be Yi.
I actually thought it was a decent show. Yes there
were bad fights against tomato cans, but there were
also interesting ones. Here's my review of some of
the fights:

Franklin vs. Machida was pretty good in my opinion.
I loved Franklin in UFC, but he seemed sloppy here.
Lyoto looks like his stand up is weak, until he starts
trading! I don't know a lot about him but he was pretty
sharp with strikes. I'd love to see him fight again.
Before watching I thought maybe he caught Rich on a lucky
shot, but he was winning the standup through the whole fight!

The Macdonald fight was ok. His opponent was aggressive at first
but he couldn't take the punishment soon after. Easy win for

Josh is the man! He catches Semmy with an armbar again! I know
Semmy has long arms and all, but to be caught in the same
sub by the same guy again??? Great fight, props to Josh we need
to see more of him.

Who the hell is this Kazunari guy? Mushashi brings in flowers
and Kazunari throws them away and talks smack? Is there some
kind of beef with them? It looked kind of WWE, but I don't know
what for. Is Kazunari a K1 guy, don't remember ever seeing him.
Then during the match he blocks a spinning backfist from Leko
and raises his hands like he's the man! Too bad he isn't, easy
fight for Leko.

Both Emelianenko's dominated their tomato can opponents. No further

Can someone that knows more about boxing comment on Imamu Mayfield?
Who is he? He barely throws one punch, I think he was afraid of
the takedown. Not that it mattered, Fujita got them at will. Mayfield
should have at least TRIED to punch Fujita. And why was he wearing
boxing gloves??? Anyway, slick submission by Fujita, it was really funky
watching him choke him out like that...he actually held him up so it
wouldn't go to the ground!

Kazunari is a pro wrestler who has fought MMA before. I think he would beat Leko in an MMA match, but in K-1 rules the obvious happened. Kazunari and Leko should rematch under K-1 rules.

Can you tell us more about Schilt/Barnett?


Kazunari is the same guy that kicked Bart Vale's ass at EFC 3 when they were trying to bill Vale as the guy to fight Conan for the belt. Vale got TKO'd by Kazunari, Conan got KO'd by Mo Smith and Kazunari ended up fighting Smith at EFC 4 for their HW championship. Mo landed a perfect punch to Kazunari that knocked him out cold.

That was one of the few KO's i've seen where I was actually worried about the guy. He was totally unconcious for a good 5 mins. If i remember correctly he had some temporary paralysis from the shot he took and had to stay in the hospital for awhile.

I saw the Fedor vs. Nagata fight. Boring....
Fedor didn't even have to try. Actually
the difference in the skill level of these fighters
was so huge, that Fedor would probably have beaten
Nagata with one hand while surfing the UG eating popcorn.

clearly a payday match

If i remember Kazunari was/is a very good Judoka.

Well right away Josh goes for the clinch and ties Semmy up, and takes him down. He works from side mount for awhile until it's stood up. Some strikes, another clinch, takedown with Josh on top. He goes for
a leg submission for awhile until the bell rings.

Second round, Josh gets another takedown. He goes for another leglock, but gets in a bad position and gets pounded by Semmy. Semmy on top in Josh's guard. Josh tries an armbar, triangle, no good. Reverses position, round ends.

Third round, Josh gets....yep the takedown. Goes to mout pretty quickly. Lots of attempted GnP, tying up...round almost ending. Gets restarted in the middle, and Semmy tries to buck him off to the side...and Josh goes for the armbar and gets it right at the end!!!

that sounds totally legit

"If i remember Kazunari was/is a very good Judoka."

That's what I always heard.

Oh ya, now I remember him. I remember thinking that little Japanese dude was gonna get killed by that hick. Then he comes out at the end and I was like DAMN WTF? He looks a lot older/different.

The Fedor fight was a joke, agreed. No idea what the point of that match was. I wouldn't say boring though, just not challenging.

Wait so Kazunari is a Judoka, why does he have beef with Musashi? For that matter, why the hell is he fighting K1 style? Maybe he could be a C level MMA fighter, but he gets an F as a K1 striker...COME ON!

how did you get a hold of the footage??

Murakami doesn't have beef with Musashi, he is just a jerk.

Actually I got it off a guy I use to buy from on Ebay.

I just checked and I don't get alt.binaries.mma. I get thousands of other alt.binaries newsgroups but not that one!!

I have comcast, anyone out there with comcast know how I could access alt.binaries.mma? Or is gorilla just messing?

what the hell is alt.binaries?



it's a newsgroup, if you have high speed internet you probably have access. if you use outlook express you can set it up there, but you have to find out from your internet provider how to do it. good luck, hopefully you have alt.binaries.mma, i don't.