just saw 'never back down'

Wow--I just can't believe an incredible actor like Djimon Hounsou participated in such a piece of crap. Although Amber Heard was decent eye candy, nothing can take away from the incredibly weak & juvenille plot.

This movie has done wonders for taking mma from the level it has been striving for since the late '90s (i.e., state sanctioning, rules that protect fighters, etc.) to soliciting to the general masses that it is a truly barbaric, underground sport full of bullies and wannabes.

Truly a Karate Kid for rednecks. Flame on.


"Never Back Down"

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The guy that made Redbelt has to be pissed that Never Back Down came out before it and ruined the potential market.  Did any one see Redbelt? 

xakx, what's your point? It's an open forum, bro.

Holden22 - The guy that made Redbelt has to be pissed that Never Back Down came out before it and ruined the potential market.  Did any one see Redbelt? 

just saw it.... if there were anymore holes in that movie omg i dont know if it would of been called a movie...

dentalninja - xakx, what's your point? It's an open forum, bro.

No point, just wanted to post a list of threads made about that movie, just in case you or someone else wants to check some of them out to see what was posted in thouse threads, that is all.

xakx, cool man.

I saw Never Back Down a few days ago on youtube.com, and I thought it was ok movie... i like anything MMA related.

I heard some people liked the movie, but thouse people are new fans of MMA...

From a true entertainment perspective, it was okay.

However, from a true fan (yes, I've been a fan since before 3-20-07) I find the material somewhat offensive.

In dental school, I had a very hard time making people believe that I was anything other than a ruffian as a low-level judoka and BJJ'er. Girls are intrigued, but not impressed with black eyes and wrapped joints.

'Never Back Down' has done a lot for proving I was wrong.


it was OK. worth watching... as a rental

JakeTyler - awesome, imo

Are you who I think you are?

My favorite part of the movie starts at 5:08 in the video below, and ends at about 7:21

DaveGarcia -

that's a trip. LOL


It wasn't very good. Maybe watch it if you're bored out of your mind.