Just spoke to Oleg Taktarov he met with Dana White

I had a long talk with Oleg. I have not spoken to him in about 6 years. It was great to talk to him again and catch up on old times. He is currently driving from California to Miami. He was telling me about his trip and mentioned he just had a meeting with the Zuffa brothers and Dana White. He did not get into specifics and I did not ask because he was busy driving. I thought maybe someone on the underground might know?

Oleg vs. Royce at UFC brazil

Fake Rassler - Oleg vs. Royce at UFC brazil

 I'd watch that !

Fake Rassler - Oleg vs. Royce at UFC brazil

 1st thing i thought. although oleg is hw and royce is 175, there will be nsac rules in brazil....

 Oleg by KO from the back btw


^^^Lol link fail Kirik

Oleg meets with Zuffa

ill fight him

What was/is he doing in Miami? Phone Post

awesome Phil!

ttt for Royce vs Oleg

 Hall of Fame induction?

Royce-Oleg would be good.