just too cool!

 was kind of a "blah" sunday, couldn't go range cause wife was busy. finally had some free time in the afternoon and went into my dungeon like workroom.

broke her down and wiped off the grease, punched the barrel and relubed.


just put the trigger group back together

 fully lubed and ready to go back in the beat up stock.

Mods move this to the Tapout forum please.


something special about the ringing noise that forged steel rifle parts make when contacting eachother

imagine, this thing coulda been lugged around by a GI of a bygone era!

I'm actually thinking about selling/trading my preban chicom ak for a fully restored GI M1 carbine.

as soon as I work down my CC debts a little more I will rebuild my Chuukapacolypse arsonal.

870 for multiple Chuuks, Bow & Arrows for distance and stealth, couple handguns for CQB and armlok on speed dial.

I'll also start armoring up the Monte Carlo for ramming capabilities!

better hurry......2012 and all :O

next week I'll do PMIs on the M1 Garand

we need to plan an HG range day!