Just trained with Fedor

I have been anticipating your story when I originally quoted you on the "Fedor story" thread.

Please man, at your EARLIEST convenience, post as much as you can about your story especially while it's fresh in your memory. This is such an opportunity for you man, congrats!

OP is a lucky mo fo for sure!!

pk7tanner -
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The Persian Devil - Got to do some one on one technique with him and get his insight about various aspects of fighting. Had a really good time. I have better high quality photos of me and him drilling, i'll post them as soon as I get them (prob tonight).

If a blue would be so kind:
http://i39.tinypic.com/260pbvm.jpg Phone Post

Phone Post

I bet TeamQuestNorth wants to know if he asked Fedor why he held the ropes against Lindland.

Thats right lol Phone Post

You should write a book. Seriously Phone Post

Thats cool you got to train with Fedor OP. Was he stronger than you expected? Phone Post

Huge ass forearms on Fedor

Sweet!! Phone Post

Joshua King - Was there a language barrier? Phone Post 3.0

Fedor was accompanied by an interpreter

Here's the other pics, I uploaded the lower quality ones since there's something wrong with my connection speed. Will reply and tell more about the seminar ASAP, I took notes of everything

Blue please:

Where was this and how did u manage get to train with him Phone Post

Wow. Phone Post 3.0

Wow, The Persian Devil became blue in the blink of an eye, congrats!

Sub! That's cool as fuck. Phone Post 3.0

First, last, and only time I've ever been jealous of OP Phone Post 3.0

Jimmy Rustler - Where was this and how did u manage get to train with him Phone Post
Retired Jimmy. But in other news that's fucking awesome man!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Very fucking cool Phone Post 3.0

Words can barely describe how awesome that is, OP. Can't wait to hear the details! Phone Post

Outstanding, NPD. Phone Post