Just watched one of my fights from 2003. lol

And I must say it's pretty damn embarrassing to watch. It was 2 years before TUF 1. So mma was not very popular and the crowed was like maybe a hundred people. It was in a 10x10 wooden boxing ring. lol And at one point during the fight my opponent came towards me, I extended both my arms tucked my chin and turned my head and shot the worst takedown ever. pretty funny stuff to see 9 years later.

petraus - hey bud, thats awesome man. Must feel good to watch these years and years later.

If i should know and i dont, i apologize. But, why you no fight no more? Got a good record man. Or do u and mma.tv dont update records?

Lots of reasons really, Between 2004 and 2006 I didn't fight because I had 6 opponents in a row drop out the day of the fight. I was walking around at 142lbs and there was no where to make money at that weight untill now. I just stopped training because it just seemed like it was for nothing.

Ended up getting a job that pays better then fighting. The fight I posted was the second time I fought this guy that night. I think I got paid $100 for both fights. Maybe $200 I can't remember right now.

petraus: Also my last fight was 2009 I may have trained 2 weeks for it. My final mma record is 9-1. I just didn't train enough to really get better or keep up with people today. I'm trying to start training again here in FL. And even with a great gym and amazing instructers and training partners I still find it hard to go to the gym. The drive is just not there, to much time away. I probably haven't seriously train in 7 years.

Wow, someone with no drive having a 9-1 record to retire on is pretty impressive. Good stuff.

 That was cool. Thanks for sharing. 

NBK > 209 - Wow, someone with no drive having a 9-1 record to retire on is pretty impressive. Good stuff.

I wasn't exactly fighting UFC level competition.

That guy lost to Travis Fulton 8 times lol.

 Good fight man!

Here was the first fight. He said I poked him in the eye at somepoint during the fight so he wanted to fight again. Since this fight didn't take long I agreed. Can't fight the same guy twice in a night anymore.

 Awesome! Good stuff Joe.