just watched sakara vs. elvis

damn elvis can take a beating.I wonder why their not pumping sakara more he's aggresive,well rounded fighter,maybe because he doesn't speak english?kind of like spencer fisher,if promoted right could be hugh,alot more entertaining then other fighters the've backed.

goku is so right. there going to squash him with listers lay and pray.

Where did you see it?

I really like watching Sakara fight. He could be a spoiler at 205. Everytime I'm concerned about Dean Lister - I think about Sakara's performance against Assuerio Silva. I believe he has enough grappling to avoid Dean's subs.

But it should be a great fight.

they showed it on italian tv.he will beat dean,his standup is way better and while dean is better at subs,sakara is good enough to stalemate on the ground until stand up and clinch.boring decision but decision if not ref stoppage.

Shit I want to see that, are they gonna show that in the states??????

eventually I'm sure on spike unless it was too bloody,I got it off the internet from a galaxy far far away.

I just watched it too. I would of liked to see Elvis defend the take downs a little better. But he did show he has an amazing chin, Sakara landed many shots right on Elvis' button.

post the vid!!

unfortunatley the website will not be posted.sorry.

I'm shrinking it right now so that i can upload it to my server. If the quality isn't good enough i'll just upload it to YouSendIt.

Found it. Its 83mb so I cannot d/l it at work. However when I get home I will d/l and put it on youtube.

And yes the website will not be posted as there are many leechers on that site to begin with, without adding the MMA.tv Trolliban to the mix. :)

The website will not be posted because it does not exist, it's a rumour spread by malicious no goodniks


That was a brutal fight.

Well Droc we shall see. As I said I don't feel comfortable d/l 83mb to my work pc, so I will dl when I get home and put it on youtube. Unless jonnysak comes through and puts it up first.

come on guys post that shiiiiiit

ttt for later

i already posted it. The thread was short lived.

Sak did they delete your thread? I just finished putting the links for you LOL. Well anyway thanks, I'm watching the Low-quality one now.

Sakara is a fucking badass and will be LHW champ one day IMO

NHB, it seems that the thread will be deleted if the vid is posted so I will refrain from doing so. However I will tell you that Sakara made Elvis a bloody fucking mess for 3 rounds. Elvis didn't do a fucking thing offensively but throw a few kicks while standing and sakara walked right through those.

Damn props to Elvis for staying in there, almost s heel hook @ the bell at the closing of the third. Shit Elvis has fucking heart!!!!!!