Just watched the Movie: Red Belt

THATSCRAPTASTIC - worst movie ever

.............haven't seen "Never Surrender" yet, huh?

Movie is THEEEEEEEEEEE worst film I've EVER seen. But I kept it on for the lulz.

Plot holes big enough to sail a ship through, bad acting, overabundance of sex scenes, etc. Very funny film.

One of my favorite quick hits was when the main character's MMA training comprised of jogging on the beach with his girlfriend and using the fucking "Perfect Pushup" devices, lol.....of course this was all after eating a breakfast of like, bacon eggs, orange juice, toast, sausage, pancakes---very healthy indeed!

It was atrocious. I was very disapointed in the movie. I enjoyed Never Back Down way more.

Red belt was bad, but not nearly as bad as Fight Ring.

between this and The Scorpion King 2 I have come to the conclusion that any movie with Randy Couture in it is guarranteed to suck