just watched ultimate KO's 3

i was kind of wary about buying it even though it was only 15 bucks because i figured it would only have the fights on the main card ppvs from 2002-2004. i was wrong thankfully. there were about 5 fights im sure i didnt already have.

the hot chick host sucked though. way too fake and cheesy. if you have seen it, you know what im talking about. they should have just gotten juliet lewis or randy couture to host or something. at least we know juliet (even if not as hot as the host mentioned above) has been to a few UFC's

either way, its worth the money if you want all the ko's from ufc40-48 concentrated on one tape w/ a few extra matches.

how long has this been on ppv? did i miss it before or something? this last ufc that had a TON of KO's wasnt included, which sucked


are they still selling them at Best Buy?

Hey, I payed 15 bucks specifically to watch a hot piece of ass show me fights I'd already seen.

I am waiting for the DVD in December and paying 15 bucks for it then and get the extras and shit.

What were the fights that had not previously been seen?

DVD is due out later this year.

i would answer that peter, but i let someone borrow it last night, and cant review it. i know for a fact though that franca, lindland, and yves were shown in fights that werent on the main card for the events.