Justin Bruckmann

I met him at UCW and didn't know who he was.He told me he trained at Shah and I asked him if he knew Monkey.

I was such an idiot.

He didn't even punch me in the face.Man I was lucky.

I heard he has a huge dick!



I heard he was a huge dick too !!!

Then I met him and he was a kind, gentile man.

He's won the bobcaygeon kumite four years running.

Not only is he a former Canadian Sumo champion, he is the two time Whitby break dancing champion(One of these is actually true).

I heard he is a great break dancer

It's true, he does have a large penis. He keeps it in a mayo jar on his fireplace. Kinda creepy. But he is a good kisser.

That is all.

I heard he wrestled with half-naked men in a sumo diaper - in a tommy turtle pool full of JELLO!

Hey Loaf, if you run into Justin Bruckmann tell him my dog is pregnant!