Justin Gaethje AGAIN slams Daniel Cormier for 'incredibly biased' analysis of Islam Makhachev

Does Gaethje have a point about Cormier?

Of course he has a point. DC was probably drunk by the time he said that.


Yeah as much as he’s been a bitch n complainer since he lost to Khabib, he should be getting the next shot if he beats Chandler. Let dc’s boy either wait or take another fight, if they insist on giving him a title shot asap.


And thread title isn’t accurate. He didn’t slam DC. He actually said he loves DC. The only thing he said was that his commentary was incredibly bias, and it was.


American Top Team huh?

Yup was wondering the same. American top team indeed lol :smiley:

Never fails to surprise me how delicate the feelings are of guys who smash each other’s faces for a living. DC’s job is just as much about hype and enthusiasm as it is being “unbiased” in his role as a commentator. I don’t remember any particularly glaring times in which he was disgustingly biased whilst commentating a fight. Plus, he legit gets excited and posts things in such a state. Not to mention, Islam just wiped the floor with a really tough opponent with scary ease, so he wasn’t totally off base.

Every time Gaethje opens his mouth he is less likeable.

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BiasED. His commentary was biasED.

Bias is a noun. Biased is an adjective.
Why is this so difficult?


Shut up faggot.

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“The Russian trains at American Top Team, which is the ESPN analyst’s long-time training home. Makhachev is also the protege of Nurmagomedov, who has been a very close friend of Cormier’s for years.”

J Burgos,
You are definitely fitting in around here with your writing style. Pretty on-par with UG News feed.


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he is correct. please try harder with that bit.

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agreed, we’ll have to call him J some Sliders if this continues :o)

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Do you guys remember when DC and Khabib were wrestling around joking and Khabib kind of twisted his knee and all of his goons Acted like they were going to jump DC? I do.

Remember when he first entered the UFC and no one liked him.


DC is a yes man.


Brilliant response!
Three whole words spelled correctly and only one punctuation error. Way to go, Skippy!

Your mommy will be proud when I tell her tonight.

Justin no one gives a French fuck what dc says. Let it go

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I feel bad for any tall people hopeful to get in the commentary team. You know a couple of the current guys aren’t having that.

DC was the same with Cain, but I don’t think he was commenting back when Werdum faught him. I just remember him trying to give Werdum shit for saying he’s more Mexican than Cain. Then Fabricio proceeded to beat the brakes off of Cain then address the crowd in perfect Spanish which Mexican crowds love!
Yeah DC needs to quit with that bs