Justin Gaethje calls Colby Covington a 'piece of sh*t person, but good fighter'

Is Gaethje right?

i mean…he aint wrong, on either side of his opinion


Why is he a piece of shit?

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well…you can start with causing problems at the gym for Dan Lambert, who supported him for years and years and practically had to force his hand to cut him loose, then he talks shit about the guy who always supported him. Thats one place to start.


Interesting. I always just figured people hated him because of the whole Trump connection and him being all MAGA

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that was part of his annoying schtick. You can be MAGA and not a dbag. look at Mas, Loved fighter regardless that he is a Trump guy. After Usman broke his jaw and Trump lost, he has no schtick to go to, so he just cranked up the asshole meater and has burned bridges left and right.


Not a Colby fan at all but he beats Justin’s ass in a 5 rd fight for sure

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Justin’s manager is a terrorist piece of shit, he has very little room to talk.


You spout this still but the fact is his jaw was not broken. Dr Colby made an incorrect diagnosis. He was on mma roasted not long after and admitted he was wrong.

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It took him 2 months to come out of hiding before he gave an interview…but yea sure let’s just take Colby’s word for it. He was embarrassed by it. It’s ok, he gave a great fight, shit happens


shan, i get confused by all the replies to so and so and not so and so, are you saying colby did not get his jaw broken in the usman fight, and he admitted it? not that it matters at this point, just trying to make sure i know the history jaja… thanks!

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What kind of fight comparison is this? Justin is a LW - in an entirely different division.

He claimed it was broken in that moment. Later it was revealed it wasnt broken. He got drilled for sure, I just dont understand why people keep saying things that are untrue.

I think its more embarrassing to be complaining and have it not broken. Either way its true it was a great fight.

Didn’t Colby run to snitch to the police when Werdum put him in his place for shit talking his country?


Putting him in his place by throwing a boomerang at someone 100 lbs smaller than him, with his pals around. Werdum was the bitch there.

I understand people hating Colby, he says some rude shit. But some of this is just picking sides and ignoring the truth.

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But he did run to the cops and snitch, right?

taraji p henson snitch GIF by Empire FOX

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