Justin Wilcox's damaged eye tweeted

Justin Wilcox Posts Picture of Injured Eye, Rushed to Hospital

A greco-roman finger to the eye caused this... Ouch!

Holy Shit that looks nasty.

Fucking gross Phone Post




That is the correct answer.

Jesus Christ.

Shit's nasty! 


Jumpin' Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick! Good call, doc. Phone Post

 Now I understand why it was ruled a "No Decision".

JZ put a small mouth bass in his eye hole. It's an old Brazilian trick.

wow hope he is ok...

Seen worse

 ^ 'Tussin IMO.

nice looking meathole

K-Dub-"T" -  ^ 'Tussin IMO.



philsmmaworld - Seen worse

I've seen better.

prayers are with him

similar to what spiritwolfs eye looked like after he got poked by the Zaromskis, except his was on the inner part... Phone Post