K-1 Burning 2004 live results

These results are courtesy of sportsnavi.co.jp

Fight 1: Hiromi Amada def. Kimo by KO R2

Fight 2: Great Kusatsu def. Fabiano by KO R1


Hell yeah! Was hopin Amada would beat Kimo.


Me too. Amada is one of the few Japanese heavyweights I like.

The other 2 I like are also both on this card (in the next 2 fights), Hori and Fujimoto.

Fujimoto is my fave Japanese HW ever since I saw him at the K-1 USA in Las Vegas where he had that amazing fight with Dewey Cooper, and actually made coming out to an Ace of Base song look badass :)


Fujimoto went on to get some good wins and place 2nd in the Japan GP after losing to Butterbean though. He recently beat Francisco "The White Buffalo" Botha at the K-1 New Years show.


The Butterbean fight was odd. He got knocked down by a punch that barely landed, got right back to his feet, and then claimed an injured shoulder.

Fight 3: Mighty Mo def. Hiraku Hori by KO R4


Who the FUCK is Mighty Mo? Hori is a promising young K-1 heavyweight. He's like 6'6", so he's HUGE for a Japanese guy, but looks to be in really good shape. His kicks are quick and sharp. I thought he had potential, but he just got KO'd by a complete nobody.

Holy shit... I never heard of Hori but a 6 foot 6 Japanese K-1 fighter? lol @ Mighty Mo. Sounds like a pro-wrestler?


He's listed as being from the Shark Tank. I didn't even know Shark Tank was still around.

I thought of that too, but I doubt it. Maurice Smith has more name recognition on a card than Mighty Mo, so it wouldn't make sense to change his name. Plus, Mighty Mo is listed as being from the Shark Tank.

I hate the Shark Tank. Eddy Millis, the head trainer who was in the Life in the Cage documentary seemed like an idiot. All that talk of being a tough guy and then he loses one of his MMA matches by submission from strikes. (I think so at least.)



Fight 4: Montanha Silva def. Yusuke Fujimoto by KO R3



How the hell did Fujimoto lose?!?! Damn it... I had a feeling he would lose, I have no idea why. Maybe he got stupid and decided to trade bombs with Silva?



Fight 5: Petr Vondrachek def. Nobu Hayashi by KO R1

No surprise there.

Damn Team Akebono might take it!

Come on NAKASAO! :)


To be honest, this card has turned out to be surprisingly interesting. All 5 fights have ended by KO and there's been a couple upsets.

Fight 6: Remy Bonjasky def. Tsuyoshi Nakasako by KO R3

I'm surprised it lasted that long.

Wow, I can't believe that ogre Silva won.

Oh yeah, thanks very very mucho por resultos!! heh