K-1 GP this year..not looking good

LeBanner, Hoost, Crocop are out of it.. so are Hunt and Sapp.. it's looking pretty weak !

Looks pretty good to me.

Cro Cop has been in it before. Sefo is gonna win this year BTW.

Botha is in now.

I agree that this year's card is much weaker. I usually can't wait for final round to happen. But this year, I didn't realize that this is almost the time until I saw this thread!

Anyway, I am looking forward to how Ignashov and Vojansky would do.

ignashov will walk it.....hopefully.

Cro Cop is NEVER gonna win a GP. He always comes up short no matter if its Pride or K-1. His arrogance always does him in.

I'm really disappointed that Leko's not in it. He's great.

Ignashov will win, I'm 100% sure!

Losing to Hoost 3 times is pretty shameful, especially when Cro Cop nut lickers say "Cro Cop will KILL Hoost next time" evertime he loses to Hoost.

LMFAO @ Cro cop having Sapp's number. Lets see them fight in Pride & we'll see which fighter has the other fighters "number".

I guess the term "Lucky Punch" means nothing to you. Too bad Cro Cop is too big of a BITCH to fight Sapp in a Pride Rematch. After Fedor tears Crocop a 3rd asshole, right next to the 2nd one Nog tore, Cro Cop will be damaged goods, & PROBABLY BRAIN DEAD. So much for Cro Crap EVER winning a Title in K-1 OR PRIDE.

lol, jesus christ, you're out of control!!

LMFAO @ a moron who can accept that a 1 punch KO that HITS SOMEONE RIGHT IN THE EYE is a LUCKY PUNCH. Even CRO CRAP knows it was a LUCKY PUNCH. Hes too big of a BITCH to fight Sapp in a Pride rematch.

Daaaamn, that sucks about Sefo.

Sefo should retire & find another line of work.

You're right, he should go to boxing, he had a better win percentage there anyways. lol, you sucker.

Actually he got tooled in a 1st Round KO by a NO NAME FIGHTER his last time out. He's 3-1 & hasnt fought since. If you cant go 4 fights w/o a loss in Boxing, you are a PIECE OF SH-T BOXER & BELONG IN K-1, the LAST OPTION for 3rd rate boxers with NO CHINS, or HEART!!

Sefo has acting gigs line up in Holywood in Jan. I am sure his mind was already focused on that even befor K-1GP.

Next year, I am hoping that card will have full line up of main forces of K-1 Hoost, Hunt, Fhlio, LeBanner and Fillipovic. Then we'll know who is "the one".
I wanna see how Musashi and Bonjasky would do against them.


You've got a big mouth crocopbadwagon. That doesn't mean anthing if you've lost one time out of four. Surely anyone loses sometime even hoost.