K-1 Max World GP:best GP ever?

World Max 2005 Tournament
Opening Round

4 de maio, 2005
Ariake Colosseum
Tokyo, JapĆ£o

1-Yasuhiro Kazuya x Jadamba Narantungalag

2-Kohiruimaki Takayuki x Darius Skliaudys

3-John Wayne Parr x Shane Chapman

4-Andy Souwer x Marfio Canoletti

5-Albert Kraus x Virgil Kalakoda

6-Buakaw Por.Puramuk x Vasily Shish

7-Masato x Chi Bin Lim

8-Nofifumi "Kid" Yamamoto x Mike Zambidis


100% NOT the best K1 GP ever.

I would say probably the best k-1 MAX gp ever. ttt for the little guys!

Masato, Buakaw, Kraus, JWP, Zambidis, and the Kid wildcard -- I'm sold.

I wish Kid and Zambidis weren't matched in the first round, though.

Kid and Zambidis will be a kick ass fight.


7 single fights + 1 Super fight..

the 7 winners make up the WORLD MAX GP and will be joined by promoter's choice.

Parr vs Chapman will be a great fight!

Which is the super fight?

Nofifumi "Kid" Yamamoto x Mike Zambidis

Damn !!!

Too bad kid is going to get brutally dis-membered...

Got much love for the little psycho!

Why are neither Kid nor (especially) Zambidis in the tournament?

Also, Kid more than held his own with Masato; he ought to be all right, though Zambidis is more aggressive than Masato. Plus Zambidis is closer to Kid's size.

TTT for JWP and Kid!

Can't wait to see what Kid does here!

vit0r. k1 is run by SEG. sport ENTERTAINMENT group.

WWE is World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT!!

catch the word entertainment in both groups and suddenly all makes sence ;)

Can't wait to see Zambidis put KID's chin to the test. Also JWP vs Choppa is gonna be a great fight.

There are alot of good names missing from this list.It pisses me off when guys like Canoletti and Kalakoda get in but they don't allow guys like Pajunsuk,Yoshihiro Sato,or Shishido in.

If you're from another organization, you have to win by KO to win in K1.