K-1 sending out computer viruses!

I am a member of the K-1 fan club and I periodically receive e-mails from K-1. But I thought the last two e-mails I received from them were suspecious so I scanned them for viruses, and sure enough the virus "W32.Beagle@mm!zip" was found. If you receive an e-mail from "newsletter@ k-1usa.net" entitled "Site changes" or "Re: Document" it is not an official K-1 newsletter.

It´s very likely that this is not from them. If i remember correctly most email viruses send themselves around both to recipients in someones email folder, and also uses their email to mask who it´s from. I could be misunderstanding this but i´m pretty sure that just because that is what the sender email shows, it doesn´t have to be the actual sender.

qeySuS is correct!

I know it wasent sent by K-1.

Next time Gadgit, next time.


"So it is coming from someone who has/had access to their email list."

I´m thinking it´s coming from someone (not related to K-1) who has both you and the K-1 newsletter in their adressbook. So the message gets sent to one email from the adressbook, while using another email from the same adressbook as a fake sender adress. If memory serves me, this is how most of the email viruses work, and i´m guessing they do it so you can´t reply to the email and let the guy know he has a virus because then he´d of course fix the problem (which the virusmaker doesn´t want). That´s (the reason) just guessing though.


For about the last 3 months I been receiving about 10 of those viruses a day. The addys are from jhedges@ufc.tv and steve@ufc.tv and others with k1 addys as well as boxing website addys and other mma related ones. They are usually a 31kb or 48kb attachment. Obviously he can spoof any email address he likes. Its so stupid because I dont open any of these emails and just put them in my trash folder. Some fool keeps sending them everyday hoping to catch me out.

What does the virus do to your computer if you open it?

I got this email also.

Virus Information



Jose Suliaman, president of the WBC, is sending them out to get back at K-1 for taking Mike Tyson away from him.:)