K1 more entertaining to the public

No grappling.

All striking.

Great knockouts.

Everything that non martial artist will love.

K1 MAX is more entertaining. Even cute japanese girls love it!

I agree with you 150% on MMA. You dont see my pont do you.K-1 will pick up before MMA

"If they want all that they can just watch boxing,"

Soem dumbass always have to mention this ignorant statement.K-1 is what we don't get from boxing.When we watch boxing what we get is two guys dancing and jabbing for 12 rounds and we don't want to see that either.In k-1 we get to see knockouts.We watch mma for knockouts too but we have to sit through a lot of hugging and dryhumping to get them

I've seen the best of both sports.I've seen dynamic subs and koes in mma and then I've seen Matt Lindland fight and UFC33.On the other side I have seen some awesome fights in K-1 and some boring decisions but at the end of the day I'd rather see two guys beat the crap out of each other than dryhump each other in speedoes for 25 minutes no matter what sport it is

At the same time, I've never seen a K-1 fight like Gatti/Ward. Boxing at its best can have a certain pace and rhythm that K-1 does not. K-1 can be more exciting to a point, but not all the time.

"At the same time, I've never seen a K-1 fight like Gatti/Ward"

Watch Hug/Cikatic

watch any k1 max fight.. You'll never go back to watching HW k1 ogres again.

ACtually I still prefer the ogres over K-1 max.K-1 max represents everything I am against in the UFC's 155lb class.Fast and flashy technique but not enough power for a good ko and too evenly matched to get a finish out of anyone

You are correct, plus they still play on the Karate vs Boxing vs TKD vs Muay Thai aspect which really appeals to a lot of people, more so than men intimately rolling around on the ground together does.

K-1 truly has the potential to become the worlds number 1 combat sports, MMA at this stage does not.

"Fast and flashy technique but not enough power for a good ko and too evenly matched to get a finish out of anyone "

not enough KO's?

K1 MAX has plenty of KO's. Much crisper and more beautiful display of technique as well.

THe last world max GP had aobut 80% ko rate.

These guys hit hard.

K1 MAX has plenty of KO's and in addition they pull off flashier moves. Jada the kyokushin guy he did a somersault type kick andnailed kraus right on the forehead.

There is a TKD guy named Serkan Yilmaz and he fucking spinning back kicks people all the time.

"You mean technique.Those fighters you describe as dryhumping are world class wrestlers and martial artists."

I know damn well whatI'm describing.I've been involved in this sport since 1995,had 71 pro fights and have seen more mma events on tape than most people dream of.

Being a world class athlete does not change the fact that many of them are inactive on the ground.Inactivity is what many of us,even the hardcore fans,find boring

"Miller, I don't know what kind of boxing you're watching but if you want to see dry humping watch the UFC. "

My apologies,I was lumping boxing and UGC together.I know there is a huge difference-UFC=dryhumping and boxing=two guys doing the waltz for 36 minutes.I won't let it happen again

titosjockstrap,if you have such a problem with K-1 than how about just not watching it?I hate watching golf but I'm not on here bitching about it

Miller is 100% correct, you other guys are just in denial because you personally prefer MMA to K-1.

Looking at the bigger picture, K-1 has mass more potential over MMA as far as becoming popular with the public goes.

cute japanese girls = Oxymoron.

What's the weight limit for K1 max? I've only seen some hightlights of K1 Max but I have to say that it looks way better than regular K1. (even without the wet japanese girls that evilyoshida fantasizes about)

don't you guys find it intriguing that K1 MAX has a large female fan base. You can't find this in any other event. It's because the events are action packed and the dudes don't look like roided out ogres.

I would say it's a positive step forward for fightsport.

and willie, if you think jap hoes are whack.. tell that to 90% of OG nerds that fantasize about these japanese girls all the time. lol.

It seems that the japanese girls get some favorable treatment on the OG, but here on the UG all the japanese dudes are tomato cans and have to work fights to win! lol..

primitive bastards!

and oh yeah.. the weight limit is 155.

anybody who can honestly say that K1 is better than K1 MAX needs a true and sincere BROOM BEATING.

There is no comparison. HW K1 is a fucking circus.

K1 MAX brings top champs from all over the world. Lumpinee champs, superleague champs, shootboxing champs... all in the most competitive weight class in fightsport 155.

Give it up guys.

"Shooto is exciting as hell "

It was in the 90's.Not it has more decisions than anything I have ever seen.Look at all of the Shooto events over the last 2 years and at least 85% of the fights were decisions

I guessed.it just seems to me that teh majority of the time that I see Shooto results from Japan that most of the fights end in decision.I may be missing the ones that don't but if I have to search for them than it's not really worth my time