K1 on ESPN2 NOW. Eastern Time

K1 on ESPN2 NOW. Eastern Time Zone.

Sweet, thanks, will watch later at least to see if it's something I haven't seen before. lol

Whoa, it's on here Pacific too. Stupid tvguide.com is giving me an incorrect listing though. It says that this is the ISKA StrikeForce in San Jose event that was aired last night when it's clearly a North American K-1 tourney from a few years ago.

Oh shizznizzle!!!!! Mo's about to fuck shit up in a minute!!!! I've got this one, it's a cool tourney, hopefully they'll show the Bang vs Gong fight that happened on this card!!!!!


That show was on earlier today in Denver. Right after that one ended, they showed the Bang/Gong fight and a brutal fight between two women.

Bang should have won that IMO. He took it to Gong, although it was close.