K1 results

K1 - Tokyo Dome Japan

Attandance 64,819

Fight 1 (reserve fight)

Jerome Le Banner (France) VS.Hiromi Amada (Japan) 

Jerome Le Banner 2nd Round KO @ 1:03 / Leg Kick

Fight 2

Mighty Mo (America) VS. Kaoklai Kaennorsing

Kaoklai Kaennorsing 1st Round KO @ 2:40 / Kick to the head

Fight 3

Ray Sefo (New Zealand) VS. Musashi (Japan)

Musashi / Decesion 4 Rounds (possible contravercy)

Fight 4

Peter Aerts (Holland) VS. Francois Botha (South Africa)

Botha @ 1:13 / Peter Aerts injures foot and can not continue

Fight 5

Remy Bonjasky (Holland) VS. Ernesto Hoost (Holland)

Remy Bonjasky / Decision after 4 rounds

Fight 6 (reserve fight)

Crytil Abidi ( France) VS. Gary Goodridge (Trinidad & Tabago)

Gary Goodridge TKO Round 1 @ 2:58 / Right hand to the head

Fight 7

Kaoklai Kaennorsing (Thialand) VS. Musashi (Japan)

Musashi / decision after four rounds

Fight 8

Francois Botha (South Africa) VS. Remy Bojasky (Holland)

Remy Bojasky / decision after 3 rounds


Remy Bojasky (Holland) VS. Musashi (Japan)

Remy Bojasky / decison after 5 rounds

Aerts appears so prone to injury over the past few years, particularly to his legs and feet. Too bad.

Why was'nt Filho there ? He beat Bojansky earlier this year pretty convincingly.