K1 results

SUTTIE, SLOWYNSKY, CARNAGE & the thai (beating PARR) won.


SCHAFFA V GOTOH: DRAW - no judgement - bout was fought over 4x3mins -

R1 K1 MAX rules Ian just went to town and from memmory didnt get a hand laid on him he got an 8-count in the round.

R2 K1 ROMANEX (MMA) - As per round 1, cant remember if ian even attempted a takedown he simply boxed the guy.

R3 K1 MAX -Ian came out doing the crazy high kicks like he was in a bad kung fu film :) Once again appart from the occassional tagging by GOTOH where Ian coverred weaved out cut an angle and continued the punishment GOTOH had no answer for his hand speed.

R4 - K1 ROMANEX - As per previous, however, Ian appeared to be gassed as he had hit GOTOH with everything but the kitchen sink and the guy just failed to go down! he scored a single late and sat in guard appearing tired. Gotoh later in a scramble slipped around and briefly had Ians back. match ended with Ian turtled and Gotoh being warned for illegal knees.

As per previous no judgement was scored HAD of it mine unnoficial - 10-8 / 10-9 / 10-9 / 10-10 for SCHAFFA.

It would have been fantastic had of Ian won the bout by SUB or KO but I believe he has made a BIG statement against a really top end japanese fighter who has given PARR hell a few times and beat some MAJOR names in shootboxing. The guy appart from the end (on ground) just had NO answer for the standup of Ian. HERES to the future!!!!!!!!!!!


seemed like 1 minute of hesitation by both at the start.

george stung a few long punches utilising a LOT of reach.

marcio shot - George displayed excellent wrestleing tharting the shoots. Eventually ended on ground and it was all George. Eventually winning with a KIMURA (from memmory with marcio's head trapped ALA RESNEKOV/McCOSKER).

George is on a TEAR at 77kg or 74 (this match). To Marcio's credit he would have been literally 10kg lighter on fight day as he walks at 67kg! Post fight he was devestated! Hopefully we will see him mon FEB 4s KOTC under 70kg - any volunteers???


SEHAKU d Mal FOKI R2 head and arm.

R1 was a 90% tied up in a clench with SEHAKU working for takedowns. He tripped with literally 3 secs left then round ended.

R2 - much the same but he scored the takedown and eventually got the head and arm from half guard over a VERY tired and unprepared Mal comming of an injury
I really hate seeing people take matches late but mal did us proud and fought bravely with a naggling injury riocking the highly respected Japanese fighter a few times.

On a personal level I really liked the show. Ray is the top of the pile in QLD and upon commencement of XFC I looked to match his great production. I really hope he continues to be able to make the big events at the centre and thrive in 2005.

Comming out of the event - Who's next for george???? This should be Ian's entry to japan again. I would love to see him go onto to fight Yamamoto kid or Ludwig under these Hybrid rules or MMA.


No excuses for Mal. He thought in himself that he was ready, but Sehaku was a bloody bulldog! Mal rocked him twice and tried to keep it standing, but after the takedown Sehaku was all over him.
The plan was to keep it standing to entertain the kickboxing crowd a bit more, but it was boring once the clinch was on and neither would give an inch.

Schaffa was awesome! His hands were unbelievable and even when the rules went mma, it stayed standing until the 4th. I cant understand the 'draw' rule if the fight goes the distance, but if there were points involved, they would all have been 10-8 rounds to Ian.

I thought George won by rnc? He will be hard to beat at present with who is currently fighting at that weight in oz mma. His stand up is as good as his ground game!

As for the promotion.....the GC Conv centre is the best venue on the Coast! And Ray spared no expence in the production! By far the best show I have been to next to Pride!
The Japanese fighter who fought Carnage was a punching bag with arms and legs! He took so many shots and never went down! Tough and huge heart.
Fight of the night would have to have been Slowinski v Chrisopolidis (sp?). Entertaining and some massive shots on both sides!

Congratulations to Ray and team for an awesome show.



You are correct re the RNC.

SCHAFFA was awesome! I'll pull GOTOH'S record.


If Georges stand up is as good as his ground game and Ian fought a guy who out weighed him by heaps at a recent XFC wouldn't Goerge and Ian be a great match up?

Ians last boxing fight was at 72kgs and George fought at 74kgs this time didn't he?

And before they both come on here and challange me (which is what happened last time i sugested a match up) just thought this would be an awsome match up for maybe KOTC or a future XFC as both fighters seem fine with fighting for Justin. Just think this would be an awsome fight. What do you guys think?

Would be good, but Ian doesnt wanna go above 70kg. He used to box (perhaps Jnr welter) approx 66kg?

George is going to be hard to match domestically.


Thats cool, just thought with Ian giving away around 27kgs to Matt Johansson and with his last 7 boxing fights being all very close to 70 kgs and 2 of them over 70kgs 4 kgs wouldn't have been much.

Is there any chance at all with George coming in at 70kgs or was 74kgs a stretch?

At least I know now he won't fight out of his weight so I don't need to worrie about a challange form him, just got to worrie about George's challange now ;)

Who if anyone in Australia can you see being a good fight for George?

And do you know what's next for Ian?

Justin, drop me mail would you re: Marcio