K1 v.s. UFC

I personally think fighters from K1 would kick the crap out of UFC fighters.
I am sure most of you would agree.


Yes with all kinds of hard skull crushing kicks!

go home newb

No I think I am here to stay.
Now the fact that you are avoiding the question proves that you know the truth.
K1 rules over UFC!

wtf is up with all the trolls on hear lately

some K1 fighers could beat some UFC fighters. But, most UFC fighters are more well rounded and UFC would come out on top. Of course they would have to use TKD kicks to do it. Thus proving your point, that nothing beats TKD. Not even rock or paper.

It's nice that you are so enthusiastic about your sport, but you come on here demanding respect and showing none.

Trying to make a name for yourself? Get in the ring and earn your respect, and prove that TKD really works.

I have proven over and over time and again that Tae Kwon Do works.
I was once attacked in a bar by 2 guys. One attacked me from behind and met my heel to his jaw. The other one took a round house to the cheek and fell flat on his face.
I know my art works.
I just find it funny that UFC fighters years ago bragged that grappling was the best, Now UFC looks like a wanna be K1.

Everyone in UFC is kick boxing now.

Shows what is more effective.
I do show respect to people.

I thanked the guys for the videos that they showed me plus I thanked the ones who tried to give me a legit argument.
Just like you, I respect your point. It was all the other guys who called me names, so I had to defend myself.

I had a fight against a tkd guy, he kicked me in the head a few times, then he got gassed and I knocked him out.

Tae Kwon Do rules!!!!!!!

Well its nice that you actually won a fight for once.
IF it was me kicking you in a head a few times you would not be getting up.
Thats right guardbr8kr, you know what I'm talking about.