K1 World GP this week

 Anyone else up for this? I think HDnet will be airing it again this year, and I believe it is late Friday night/early Saturday AM (edt) if I remember correctly.

Fight card can be found here:


Ruslan Karaev vs Badr Hari

Overeem vs. Teixira

LeBanner vs Schilt

Zimmerman vs Bojanksi


Peter Aerts vs Gokhan Saki

Daniel Ghita

Sergei Kharitonov

It's hard for me to pick a favorite.  I guess most are gonna go with Badr Hari.  I like Remy a lot in this and will go with him.

there's another thread. guess it went off the front page

Hmmm...I did a search for K1 World and nothing came up -- even did a search with just "K1" and most current thread was 14 days old.


but it's not like there's anything worth reading in that one

 Ah thanks...There was no "K1" in the title.  Explains why it didn't come up in the search.  We can let this die I'll post in that one. 


I want to see Overeem/Bonjasky II.  I thought Overeem was winning the first fight handily, until he got caught and dropped by Remy...let's see if they both make it to the finals again.  Should be a good show.

 I would love to see Allistair win as much as anyone.  For some reason the thought of just seems so shocking though.  I'm not sure why.  He's clearly demonstrated he is at their level.  Just seems wierd I guess.  I don't doubt he can do it, but I can't help but think he won't do it.  He's had trouble with the gas tank in past MMA fights.  A potential 3 K1 fights in 1 night is brutal for anyone.

LeBanner vs. Schilt? Damn, I want to see that.

Schilt will win. He's the best.

 Full odds will up on event 2mmmrow..

I am SO stoked for this. I can't wait.

Oddessa -  Full odds will up on event 2mmmrow..
Very interested to see what the odds show on this event


wish i had hdnet. fucking time warner.


12-5-09 -K-1 World Grand Prix Odds Live & odds 2 win entire GP.


Odds to win entire 2009 K-1 World Heavyweight Grand Prix Championship Tournament --

Semmy Schilt +275

Alistair Overeem +300

Badar Hari +400

Remy Bonjasky +600

Jerome LeBanner +1100

Errol Zimmerman +1400

Ewerton Teixeira +1800

Ruslan Karaev +1800

Field (Any other fighter not listed) +600

 Wow...I didn't think Semmy would be that much of a favorite. I know he's won several times but thought his age would hurt him in the odds.  I'm also suprised to see Allistair slightly above Badr Hari.

Odessa -- I assume those are the odds to outright win the tourny, no?  Is there anything listed for just the first round fights?

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 Card's threads are awesome.  Off topic, but the search function on this board is awefully pariticular.  Since Card put a dash "-" between the K and the 1, and it doesn't show up on search unless you also include the dash.  Before making this thread I searched several versions of K1 and K1 Grand Prix, and nothing current came up.  Now I've seen 2 threads since that were already there and didn't turn up. 

OK, end rant.