Kadyrov calling for Aleks vs Ismailov rematch

The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov summed up the results of the ACA 107 tournament, in the main event of which Magomed Ismailov defeated Alexander Emelianenko by knockout.

"Dear friends! The ACA 107 fighting tournament in Sochi turned out to be truly spectacular and tense. The athletes demonstrated a unique will to win and a high level of skill. The fighters of the Chechen republican club "Akhmat" especially distinguished themselves.


Our fighter Magomed Bibulatov knocked out his opponent Nikita Chistyakov in the first round. The representative of the “Akhmat” club, Khasein Shaikhaev, distinguished himself with 32 seconds to snatch the victory from Aslan Shogov with a choke hold. Khusein Shaikhaev defeated Akhmed Musakaev by decision. Nashho Galaev and Abubakar Vagaev have added more victories to the piggy bank of our fight club.

Well, the most unusual fight was the culmination of the confrontation between heavy and middle weight stars Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov. Long before the fight, both athletes tried to defeat each other in verbal battles through social networks. The bowl was outweighed one way or the other. The soldiers made caustic jokes, tried to morally break the enemy, and recorded videos with threats.

In the debate, the winner was not determined, so the fighters gave their all in the ring. It was an interesting and colorful fight, the result of which was Ismailov’s well-deserved victory.

Congratulations to Magomed and Alexander on this long-awaited showdown! But it seems to me that both fighters looked much more convincing and intimidating on Instagram than in the ring. And they lost their form during the months of self-isolation. This will not work! Here one cannot do without a rematch, the main condition of which should be a pre-battle Instagram battle to the delight of the fans and more intensive training.

So recover, fighters! The audience is waiting for your new fights! Akhmat is power! "Wrote Ramzan Kadyrov on his page on the VKontakte social network.