I'm interested in some of their posters on ebay, but the prices on some seem super low. Anything I should be cautious about? 

be very very very cautious

Look at the sizes. Most of them are the small ones (B3).

Make sure to ask him to double tube the posters.Its always a big risk getting a damaged poster from him.

I have heard of shipping issues on both this forum and another one frequent.

I have also read that his communication and customer service isn't up to par with others.

On the flip side, he seems to have some really nice stuff.

I have purchased a couple of times with them, the first time was ok.
The second one was a batch of 5 figures and they never arrived...

 So do you guys think that http://cgi.ebay.com/HUGE-PRIDE-OWGP-Vers-2-WANDERLEI-SILVA-MIRKO-CROCOP-/380193315297?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58854999e1#ht_500wt_790 is legit?

 In the beginning Roland was solid... meaning when shit got fucked-up (and it did) he took care of it. Recently though I would not trust him as far as you could throw him. Those Pride "Jackets" that he was selling were fakes (yes, i talked to Pride FC employees in LA and Dreamstage in Japan to confirm this... they NEVER made them) So yes you will probably make out OK, but if the order gets fucked-up somehow which is about a 50/50 chance... dont count on him fixing shit like he used to. Talk all the shit you want to but I have heard a lot of fucked-up things that he has done to suppliers in Japan as well... these are facts, not rumors. I call it how i see it, plain and simple... be warned. Beside that he is all over the place on pricing... some of his shit is a steal... and some is a ripoff lol @ $500 for a shark poster...

Florian Nailed The Carpenter -  So do you guys think that http://cgi.ebay.com/HUGE-PRIDE-OWGP-Vers-2-WANDERLEI-SILVA-MIRKO-CROCOP-/380193315297?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58854999e1#ht_500wt_790 is legit?
yes, it is legit, PT got one... but dont expect it to arrive mint or the correct size... its a gamble. That is a $250 poster all day long...


we cleaned him out already. Just scraps are left. 

I got one of those Huge pride OWGP posters and mine was near mint.

I bought several posters from him and one was a fake which I asked him to refund and he just ignored me. Overall it was okay and I'd buy from him again, but beware its not necessarily a guarantee.

 Ok, I think I would rather just buy from places that are less of a hassle then. 

Thanks for the heads up everyone. 

 I was actually thinking about buying this poster from him


but now im kind of worried of getting a fake >_>


He would likely not fake that poster especially for that price.

 ah so i assume that its fairly common and a bit overpriced?

I'm trying to start getting into the whole collecting thing,theres a lot of really cool peices out there and wouldnt mind building a room around them.

Right now i only have a couple of auto'd i got when i met wand, hendo and bas, and a i got the first UFC magazine signed when i met dana.

I'm not really informed on the value and rarity of pieces =<br />

I wouldn't say it's over priced by any means. It's not that common of a poster either. He just had a bunch of them and was able to list them cheap. I would say that poster is a 75-100 poster easy. 

 Thanks for helping out a noobie to collecting, one day i hope to have an awesome collection of posters and other things i'm able to hang in my room. You guys are awesome!